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August 2015

Dear Human,

We Christmas Elves LOVE the holiday season. It’s absolutely better than every other season in any and every other way. The food is yummier! The drinks are tastier!! We get to proudly wear our most favorite of sweaters!!! And then there are the GIFTS!!!! Nothing feels more magical than knowing our hard work, beautifully wrapped, rests gently under a magnificent Christmas tree.

About that tree…

As wonderful as those Christmas trees are, and as much as we love love love them… they’ve become a bit of a problem. Just like the Christmas candy we crave, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Our Chief Elf Estimator has recently concluded that as many as 32 million Christmas trees are sold in America every year.

 That. Is. A. Lot. Of. Trees.

After the holidays, most of those trees are put into a landfill where they decompose, releasing CO2. We can literally see the effect of all that CO2 here at our home in the North Pole. Each of the 32 million Christmas trees release the CO2 equivalent of driving a car 77 miles. That’s a combined total of 2,464 million miles! Not even Santa travels that far.

We Elfs got together back in 2006 and worked out a solution that let’s you eat the candy, keep the tree, and save Christmas! Like everything else we create, we even worked out a way to deliver a Christmas tree right to where you live. With our Adopt-A-Christmas-Tree program you can:

  • Create a memorable holiday experience!
  • Support local environmental causes!
  • Reduce greenhouse gasses globally!
  • And of course, Save time & money!
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 Select your very own environmentally friendly Christmas tree and schedule a special elfin delivery.

 Learn more about the environmental benefits of celebrating with a real, live Christmas tree.

 See where our Christmas trees have gone to live after each holiday season.

Happy Holidays from the North Pole! We hope to be visiting you soon!

The Elves